In our coaching sessions, Lily created space for deep reflection. She listened deeply and demonstrated responsiveness by in the moment, reflecting back for me, what I was saying. She was non-judgmental, even when I was being judgmental to myself. She modelled firm, gentle, non-judgemental energy as well, which allowed for deep realisations. The sessions reminded me over again of the impact for the client of the coach trusting in and modelling the coaching process.  Lily’s coaching helped me get really clear on next steps forward and also steps to address aspects that are holding me back from my vision. She helped me assess the impact of my current decisions on future results, including the impact of the whole system in which I live. Through her coaching, I was able to create little experiments to challenge some of my potentially limiting assumptions and to explore alternative ways of looking at things. Thank you Lily!

Rachel, Ireland

I can testify to Lily’s ability to help people work through issues that are holding them back from reaching their true potential.  I have witnessed in a group setting, as well as through face to face coaching, Lily’s ability to help individuals move through their “stuckness” and develop methods and strategies to achieve results in the workplace and in life. I am thankful to be the recipient of her wisdom, inquiries, and coaching style that has helped me develop personally and professionally. I highly recommend Lily’s services to any individual who desires to improve their current and future mental, emotional, personal and professional state. Lily shows up as a true professional, who will push you to where you need to go, to the the best you can be! 

Shannon, Florida

I had the privilege of working with Lily Seto as a coach over the last year.  Lily’s coaching has had a significant impact on my leadership capacity and on my life.  She created a safe place to explore ideas, helped me challenge and clarify my thinking and held me accountable for results.  She is warm but firm and is very quick to grasp the essence of leadership issues.  I can confidently recommend her to other leaders willing to do what it takes to build their leadership practice.

Derek, Edmonton